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Security Systems

Security is no longer "nice to have." It's an imperative. And we're here to help simplify security complexity and help keep your business secure.

The world has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Instead of simply dealing with local or regional concerns, many businesses now have to think globally. Many companies have remote locations dispersed around the world. But the smaller the world gets, the more security threats are growing. Yet, in today’s digital economy, fast, secure and reliable communications (wherever their offices are located) is a must—but how do you keep your business safe?

At DRP Global Solutions, we partner with the best and deliver end-to-end, pervasive IT security services and solutions that detect and stop threats, manage risk and compliance, and protect your business from ever-increasing attacks.

Application & Data Security

Security and risk management leaders must address the complex risks to applications and data associated with digital business.

Applications are an entry point to an enterprise, and cyber-criminals are targeting them now more than ever. Traditional network security solutions can’t address many of the highly sophisticated attacks that are rampant today. OneNeck’s security team delivers application and data security solutions designed to thwart breach attempts and reduce your exposure should a breach happen. This prevents downtime by protecting your data where it’s accessed, via your applications. By using advanced detection and mitigation techniques, security intelligence, threat hunting, dynamic learning, virtual patching and granular attack visibility, your applications and web servers are secured against application specific attacks, DDoS, data theft and fraud, so that your business stays secure.

DRP Global Application & Data Security services include:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Traffic and data Encryption

  • Web Application/Database Firewalls & Proxies

  • Advanced prevention and detection solutions

  • Secure design with failure isolation

Understand Your Risk

Our assessment services will decipher your unique risk profile so that we can help you protect your business using a thorough security gap analysis that outlines your risks and serves as a basis for a roadmap to mitigate those risks and protect your business from intrusion.

Deep Bench of Expertise

Our industry-certified security experts are here to guide you, using time-tested frameworks in concert with the latest security tools and a multi-layered approach to security across your entire enterprise, providing protection at every layer: from the DNS layer, to the network, to the endpoint.

Your Trusted Advisor

We are committed to providing you with independent, unbiased evaluations and recommendations with an eye toward future-proofing so that the security tools you implement today do not limit your organization tomorrow.

Cloud Services
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