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Cloud Services

Complete cloud services: the right application, the right cloud, the right time.


Cloud services provide businesses with a competitive edge through flexible and scalable capacity that can be rapidly deployed to quickly meet the changing needs of their organization. 


In addition, cloud services enable greater innovation and improvement in client support and services. Cloud can also be viewed as a way to bring visibility to the value that IT delivers to businesses, while also meeting the needs of Line of Business (LOB) managers requiring faster time to market and increased speed of innovation. The strategic uses of cloud services can go far beyond this by enabling the creation of new business processes, new revenue streams as well as improved business models.


No cloud service stands alone, and we know not all workloads are the same. Sometimes it’s not a public versus private cloud decision, but rather a hybrid approach where both are leveraged. At DRP Global Solutions, we’re here to help.


Our extensive experience in guiding our customers through their hybrid cloud journey will ensure you get the maximum business value from your cloud deployment, today and in the future.


Hosted Private Cloud

Do your workloads require high availability and a 100% SLA? With our hosted private cloud, ensure your most critical applications are always available.


Public Cloud

Enjoy the unlimited scalability of public cloud with global reach and flexible pricing agreements, ideal for your workloads that require on-demand resources.


On-Premises Cloud

Get the flexibility of a public cloud, but with the security and control of private cloud, all in your own (or colocated) data center.


Cloud Services

With DRP Global Solutions as your strategic partner, you have choices in your cloud deployment models with advanced cloud services that ensure you get the most from your cloud strategy and deployment.

Cloud Services
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