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DRP Global Solutions, LLC has been supporting Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) since 1999. 

We are dedicated to providing our clients with Enterprise level solutions for their businesses without breaking the budget. 


Most SMB's believe that in order to have reliable, secure, mobile and efficient data systems; they have to spend a fortune to do it.  We have proven time and again that given the right technology and the right solution;  We not only help to save money but we deliver rock solid solutions that allow businesses to meet their actual needs. 


We research and utilize the technologies available to insure that our clients are taking full advantage of today's technology options.  The key to what we do; is that we actually take time to understand our clients business.  This helps us to provide the right solutions at the right cost.

Helping to make businesses successful and building long term relationships is what we were founded on and it's what we do everyday.

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At DRP Global Solutions, LLC®, we know that the success of each client’s project is dependent on the quality of service, support, hardware and software in which the customized IT solution is built. That’s why we go to such great lengths to evaluate our partners and build solid solutions based on today's best technology.

Given the strategic importance of IT in today's businesses, it makes sense to establish a long-term relationship with a technology provider that can bridge the gap between business requirements and technology solutions.  At DRP Global Solutions, we carefully consider the requirements of each client based on the needs of their  business.  We insure that each solution will work as needed, increase efficiency and add value to your business. 


We utilize only the best technology solutions that will grow with your business.

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DRP Global Solutions, LLC

4848 Lemmon Ave

Suite 422

Dallas, Texas 75219

Tel:  972-961-4849


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DRP Global Solutions, LLC

455 NE 5th Ave.

Suite D431

Delray Beach, Florida 33483

Tel:  561-202-8090


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